Wow, it has been a *long* time (6 weeks) since our last blog. Not sure what happened there … I guess school was one thing. I came back after the nice Christmas break for a couple of weeks of classes. I had a lovely email at the start of the year from one of my senior students: “We are at the start of a whole new year, I wish that it will be a beautiful year with peace and happiness.” Indeed. We even got some more snow, which was really beautiful!


Then we had our finals, and that was of course a busy time, preparing and marking the test. I had three questions to mark, and you can imagine how tedious that was getting after ~200 exams. But we got through it and got our semester marks into the system. Then we had a two-week semester break– heaven.

Dale and I spent about half of the break in the UK. We spent a couple of days with our friends Jenny and Peter in North Yorkshire. The trip did not start well, as we had to evacuate the Cambridge train station 5 minutes before our train was to leave. Apparently a WWII shell had been found in the station during renovations … But we made it, and had a wonderful visit. Jenny and Peter live next to the Yorkshire Moors, in a beautiful part of the world. It was so nice to see so much green space and enjoy the wide, open views:

We then came back to Cambridge to spend another week or so. We managed to see most of our friends, except for some who were out of the country. So it was a very busy social time, and we are so grateful to our friends for lunches and dinners, and to our friends Ian and Diana for letting us stay in their flat– thank you all! However, we also got to experience some of the culture that Cambridge has to offer. One night we went to the Evensong at King’s College, with their amazing choir. We also saw several of the colleges (including Gonville & Caius, which is Stephen Hawking’s college), museums, the Ascension Parish Burial Ground (where Wittgenstein, Eddington, John Couch Adams, a couple of Darwin’s sons are buried), and the lovely parks. What a gorgeous city and such great friends.

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After the Cambridge trip another semester has started and it’s back to the grindstone. Two months till the next holiday! But of course there was the excitement of gravitational waves. I was riveted to the press conference (and so was our cat Inci), and I really enjoyed sharing this with my students.


Dale’s turn now … Hi all, hope this finds you well. The photos above are of our wonderful neighbourhood Tuesday market. Ibrahim, the vendor on the left, is a friendly kind man who is patient with our Turkish and who takes out his pocket knife and gives us sample slices of his fresh fruit on display at his table. Last Tues. we bought oranges, tangerines, 2 types of pears, bananas, 2 types of apples and pomegranate all for only 11 Turkish lira (approx. 4 dollars) before moving on to pick up vegetables and cheese. Next week, we will check out the fresh fish and shrimp. With these prices, we don’t we need to haggle!

Hoping you are all well, and the best to everyone for 2016.

Terry and Dale


2 thoughts on “Mid-February

  1. Great to hear from you both after all the bomb news from Turkey, not England! Thought of you, Terry, being excited during the gravitational wave announcement and you did not disappoint. I must learn more about these black holes which I tend to associate with Duffer defence.
    Cheers, Andrew


    1. Glad you are back to the grindstone….too much fun and all hell will break loose. Glad you had a nice break. How is the Turkish wine by the way? You have not mentioned that yet.


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