First Post!

And it begins … this will be a short first post. What I want to do with this blog is to describe what it’s like (for me at least) to live and teach in Istanbul. Last week, I moved with my wife Dale to the Arnavutkoy district in Istanbul (on the European side of the Bosphorus as you will see). I have a two-year position teaching physics at Robert College, just up the hill from our apartment. This is our first time in Istanbul/Turkey, and it’s quite a big change for us (though we have lived overseas before).

Dale and I are very taken with Arnavutkoy– it is a very cool district with just about every kind of shop that one could imagine. I will post more pictures of the area as time goes on.

I’ll start with a picture taken from our balcony:


And here’s a picture of one of the streets at dusk, to give you a feel for the area:


And finally a picture of the main entrance of the school:


This is just the start … much more to come! Please feel free to comment on anything I say and ask questions. We have a lot to learn, including Turkish …



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